World federation presents the champions belt for BOXING / BKFC

World / Intercontinental / International / National
Daniel Z. HIRLAU

Four current champion belts were presented for viewing by the main office of our World Boxing Federation / BKFC.

From now on we can also confirm worldwide title fights for our best BOXERS and Bare Knuckle Champions – men and women – who would like to compete for a real serious title (!) in boxing or “bare knuckle fighting”!

Blow by blow and step by step!

The first WKF sanctioned bare knuckle title fight is already booked. The date is June 23rd in 1230 Vienna at MT Gym 23!

A sanctioned title fight in BOXING is also being discussed, more on that later!


next BOXING / BKFC event in Austria
Roberto D´ATRI

The top Viennese restaurateur and organizer Roberto D’ATRI has already made a good name for himself with high-class martial arts charity events for children in the center of Vienna!

In the D’atri Gym of the same name, world champion Frenky PAWLAK prepares his team.

Things continue with two planned events in Italy and for the first time with a new WKF ALBANIA team, probably in Tirana, as well as a planned event in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Anyone who is interested in serious bare knuckle fights with a real world association can contact Daniel Z. HIRLAU by email!

Simply fill out fighter profiles, add a photo and send!